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8 November 2010

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Banking and commerce on the Internet

GCK's and SDS's E-commerce links...
CommerceNet (includes many pointers to other sites)
Cybertrust (GTE)
Digicash (E-cash)
EDI (Bank of America)
Electronic Banking Resource Center, information about banking on the Internet
A Framework for Global Electronic Commerce (NIST)
Electronic commerce, ANSI X12/EDI/EDIFACT (Premenos)
Digital certificate overview...
Digital Signature Information and Legislation Page (Software Industry Coalition)
Electronic Payments Forum
eTRUST, a joint venture of CommerceNet and the EFF
First Virtual Bank
NetCheque (USC ISI)
Security First Network Bank: Virtual bank with complete banking services
Electronic Commerce papers on Internet IPOs, Electronic Financial Services, Cookies and the Commercialization of the WWW, and Intranets and How They are Saving Corporations Money from an MBA Internet Marketing course at Vanderbilt U.
EC World
Electronic Commerce World Institute


See GCK's Security Sites List

Economics of the Internet

The Economics of the Internet, Information Goods, Intellectual Property and Related Issues page (UC Berkeley)
Vanderbilt U.'s Project 2000

Internet administration, standards process, and RFCs

Internet Society (ISOC)
Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) Web site (IETF Journal)
Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG)
Internet Assigned Number Authority (IANA) (Protocol Numbers and Assignment Services)
ICANN and history: The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) | Domain Name Support Organization (DNSO) | NTIA's proposed structure for managing domain names and addresses | Internet International Ad Hoc Committee (IAHC) | The gTLD-MOU Web Site
DOMAIN NAME AND IP NUMBER REGISTRATION INFORMATION: American Registry for Internet Numbers (North and South America) | VeriSign Global Registry Services (and a good place to start a whois search!) | Domain name registries around the world | CORE: Internet Council of Registrars | RIPE | Asia-Pacific NIC (APNIC) | Latin American & Caribbean NIC (LACNIC) | African NIC (AfriNIC) | Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) | Mexico NIC | InterNIC | NetNames USA, database of domain names | Register.com
Who is Blocking WHOIS?
IP Address Index, mapping IP names to owners/CIDR blocks (Flumps mirror)
Requests for Comments (RFCs): RFC Editor's Page | ISI's ftp site (add rfcxxxx.txt if you know the RFC you want...)

Internet general information

Webopedia | NetGlos -- The Multilingual Glossary of Internet Terminology | Glossary of Internet Terms
The Internet Press, Guide to Electronic Journals About the Internet
"Age of the Internet" (PBS series)
CogSum: The Information Byway to Computers, Coffee and Cognoscenti
Exploring the Internet
Internet Conference Calendar
First Monday, monthly e-journal about the Internet, in terms of economic, political and social factors, software research and development, usage in specific communities, standards, and content.
Internet FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) list at MIT (ftp) | All The FAQs (Ohio State) | FAQ Finder
HISTORY: Internet Histories (Internet Society) | Hobbes' Internet Timeline | "Short History of the Internet" (Bruce Sterling) | Another "Short History of the Internet" | USENET | PBS' Nerds...

Internet protocol information

TCP/IP GENERAL: TCP/IP Overview (GCK) | TCP/IP tutorial (Rutgers) | IP addressing (3Com)
E-MAIL: Internet Mail Consortium page | Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP) page | Tutorials on LDAP, IMAP, MIME, SMTP, and POP
IP VERSION 6 (IPv6): IPv6 Forum | North American IPv6 Task Force(NAv6TF) | IPv6 in the vBNS | "IPv6 Overview" (GCK) | 6bone | Other IPv6 sites | IETF IPv6 Working Group | IP Version 6 (IPv6) Page | IPv6 Forum | "Is IPv6 Necessary?" (Ikeda & Yamada)
IP PERFORMANCE: ECN (Explicit Congestion Notification) in TCP/IP page | TCP/IP tuning and performance
MULTICAST: MBONE | IP Multicast Initiative (IPMI)
IP SWITCHING: Ipsilon (IP Switching/IP Flows) | IETF's Multiprotocol Label Switching (mpls) Working Group | MPLS Forum | The MPLS Resource Center | Cisco (tag switching) | ARIS specification (IBM)
The Ping Page

Internet search tools (sites and mail lists)

ABOUT SEARCH ENGINES: SearchEngineWatch.com | Gregg Notess' Search Engines Showdown | The Spider's Apprentice
METASEARCH SITES: Copernic | debriefing | metacrawler | ProFusion | CNET Search.com SavvySearch
WEB SEARCH SITES AND PORTALS: Alta Vista | Ask Jeeves | brittanica.com | excite | Fast Search | Go.com | Google | Lycos | Northern Light | looksmart | Yahoo!
NON-WEB SEARCHING: Filez, index of FTP servers | Archie servers...
HOW TO SEARCH: Inter-Links: Internet guide, tutorial, and resource locator
E-MAIL/USENET LISTS: Forum One | LISZT Directory of E-Mail Discussion Groups: listserv, majordomo and listproc | MIT's Usenet e-mail addresses database

Internet service providers

MCI Global Presence map The List of ISPs
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
Internet infrastructures
Boardwatch Magazine Directory of ISPs
U.S. ISP Association (US ISPA) Web page (formerly Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX))
North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG)
(SOME) PROVIDER LINKS: America On-Line | AT&T WorldNet | CompuServe | Genuity (formerly BBN Planet/GTE) | Microsoft Network | Netcom | Prodigy | PSINet | Sovereign Vermont Network (SoverNet) | SprintLink | UUnet (Worldcom) | Worldcom (let's see, formerly Cable & Wireless and internetMCI)

Internet software and other tools

Internet Software Consortium (ISC) Open source Internet software
Geek Tools, tools for Internet gurus
Data Communications Magazine directory of IP Tools
NetWatch: Emerging Internet technologies
Mercury Mail: concise daily news sent to your email box
News.Com, online service entirely devoted to technology news
The Works provides a comprehensive collection of network tools organized under the categories of resource discovery, learning, publishing, and understanding the significance of the online world.
PC Lube and Tune, PC and Internet Hardware and Software Tutorials
Scout Toolkit Version 2.0, with Searching the Internet, Latest Tools and Technologies, End User's Corner, Net Scout Sidekicks, a Selective Guide to Publications on the Internet, and Future Internet Directions ( U. of Wisconsin #1 | U. of Wisconsin #2)
Adobe Acrobat: Project Cool Developer's Zone, a PDF tutorial for creating Adobe Acrobat content on the web | Scout Report info | reader software
Apple's Quickime Continuum
c|net's Virtual Software Library (shareware.com) and DOWNLOAD.COM, a "source for commercial demos, drivers, and patches, with access to shareware and freeware applications"
FTP Software: Also various gopher, finger, WWW, etc. servers
Netscape Communications Corp.
NCSA (Mosaic clients and servers)
Panorama, a freely available SGML viewer for Windows
RealAudio's real-time audio player
Univ. of Minnesota Gopher software ftp (includes WSGopher for Windows)
Hgopher, viewers...
VDOlive, Windows platform video streaming software that offers real time "TV" over the Internet
Vosaic, video and audio on demand software for Unix
Intenet Operating System Counter
WEB-BASED TRACEROUTE: CMU | Lublin | Traceroute Lists by States and Backbone Maps List
DNS: Internet Software Consortium (ISC) BIND software | DNS Resource Directory | Setting up DNS (Unix) | Setting up a basic DNS server for a domain | "Setting up your own DNS" (GCK)
WEB-BASED DNS SERVERS: www.DNSstuff.com | Milepost | Ro | Dig it man! | Dig DNS Check
WEB-BASED NAME/ADDRESS LOOKUPS: Display registered owner of IP address or domain name | InterNIC whois | ARIN's Whois Database (great for reverse address lookups) | SamSpade.org, a bunch of useful lookup tools...

Internet structure, the NAPs, and usage

GENERAL: Cybermaps | Cyber Geography Research
INTERNET TRAFFIC REPORTS: Internet Traffic Report | Internet Health Report | CAIDA Internet Data -- Realtime Monitors
STATISTICS: Internet Traffic and Demographic Statistics | Bell Labs Internet Traffic Research | Internet Health Report | Internet Traffic Statistics | SLAC's Internet Monitoring Site, a great list of real-time Internet statistics | Internet Traffic Report | Internet traffic statistics | Netcraft Web Server Query displays software and uptime for Web sites around the Internet | "Internet growth: Is there a 'Moore's Law' for data traffic?" (Coffman & Odlyzko, AT&T)
INTERNET DEMOGRAPHICS: Internet Domain Survey | Usage Statistics (Georgia Tech.; to 1995)
U.S. INTERNET STRUCTURE & NAPS: vBNS information & maps | Internet 2 | Energy Sciences Network | Verizon MAE Information | North American Network Operators' Group (NANOG)
ARCHITECTURE & MAPS: Internet Mapping Project | IDL's Map of the Internet | Cooperative Association for Internet Data Analysis (CAIDA), includes backbone maps and why you should put location information in your DNS! | Larry Press's Internet Maps, Charts, and Diagrams | Historic Internet maps | The Opte Project
DNS ROOT SERVERS: root-servers.org | Public-Root, with particularly strong information about the DNS and naming/addressing issues, including a map of the DNS root servers | ISC's F-root
INTERNATIONALIZED DOMAIN NAMES: "This Domain Name is Greek to Me: An Introduction to Internationalized Domain Names for Investigators" (J.D. Abolins, DFI News, 7/10) | Internationalized Domain Names (ICANN) INTERNET2: Internet 2 | National Laboratory for Applied Network Research (NLANR): (Measurement & Operations Analysis Team (MOAT) at SDSC | Distributed Applications Support Team (DAST) at NCSA | Engineering Services at PSC)
The very last page of the Internet...
See also Internet service providers.

Internet telephony and real-time services

INTERNET TELEPHONY: PULVER.COM - The Voice of Telephony on the Internet | M.I.T. Communications Futures Program (CFP) | Raj Jain's Voice over IP and IP Telephony: References page
PROTOCOLS AND STANDARDS: H.323 Forum | SIP Forum | The SIP Center | SIP Web page
VOICE OVER IP: "Voice Over IP 101 -- Understanding the Basic Networking Functions, Components, and Signaling Protocols in VoIP Networks) (Juniper) | Voice over IP (VoIP) -- excellent set of references for VoIP, RTP, SIP, H.323, SS7, architecture, and more | VOIP Wiki at voip-info.org | VoIP Resource Guide || VoIP Forum | VoIP calculator and other info... | Telephony World || skype | Net2Phone | NetSpeak | Vonage | Vocaltec's Internet Phone | Artisoft
VIDEO: Microsoft NetMeeting (Security/firewall issues)
IP TELEVISION (IPTV): "An Introduction to IPTV" | ipTVnews | Open IPTV Forum
IP QUALITY-OF-SERVICE: RSVP Home Page | Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP) (Radcom/Tel-Aviv U.) | Resource Reservation Protocol (Cisco) | Quality of Service Newtorking (Cisco)

Internet training material

IETF Training material catalogue
The 15 Minute Series by the InterNIC and the Library and Information Technology Association (LITA), a collection of free, modular, and extensible training materials on specific Internet topics.
Charm Net's Learning Page with Books, Tutorials, Hint sheets
Neil Enns' List of Internet Guides
Library of Congress page on Internet training and tutorials
Internet tools & resources summary
MSN Tutorial
"Newbie" guide
ROADMAP96, a free, 27-lesson Internet training workshop over e-mail


Formal course teaches teachers to put their class on a MOO.
CHIBAMOO, THE SPRAWL: Multimedia Moo. "ChibaMOO"-the Internal development system at SenseMedia, "The Sprawl"-on the outskirts of Chiba and "The World."

National Info. Infrastructure (NII)/Nat. Research & Ed. Network (NREN)

The High Performance Computing and Communications Task Force: "Next Generation Internet" (Internet II)
NII Task Force (USA)
"Europe & the global information society - Rec. to the European Council"
NII WWW server...
NTIA NII gopher
National Information Infrastructure Advisory Council (NIIAC)


See GCK's Security Sites List

Time information

Dimension4 SNTP (Win)
Home of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)
The Official U.S. Time (NIST) ( NIST Internet Time Service)
TIME SERVICE DEPARTMENT, U.S. Naval Observatory, Washington, DC, home of the official time for the U.S. Also pointers to information about time, software, protocols, etc.
Cesium Atomic Clocks (U.S. Naval Observatory)
High-tech real-time clock?

World Wide Web (WWW) information and tools

There is a separate page for Web security-related sites.
ORGANIZATIONS: World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), including up-to-date HTML (V3.2) and HTTP standards | IETF's HTTP WG archive
ABOUT THE WEB: GVU's Annual WWW User Surveys | CyberAtlas: The Reference Desk for Web Marketing | WWWebster Dictionary | Webreview, ezine about leading edge Web trends, techniques and technologies | Atlas to the World Wide Web: history, growth, access, browsers, HTML | Internet Computing Online, (IEEE Computer Society) | The Alertbox: Current Issues in Web Usability | World Wide Web site index | The Virtual Tourist: U.S./North America Web sites
INTRANET: Intranet Design Bulletin
STANDARDS AND SPECIFICATIONS: Webreference.com, a comprehensive HTML reference page; two main sections are Web/Net and Webmaster | WWW HTML Archive | Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS)
WRITING HTML AND WEB PAGES: HTML Writer's Guild | Index DOT HTML | NCSA's "Beginner's Guide to HTML" | "Designing Hypermedia Documents" (CACM, 8/95) | Dynamic HTML | Netscape Extensions to HTML | Frames Tutorial | The HTML Station
HTML COLOR PALLETTE: The Color Center | Color Browser | Two4u's Color page | Background Color Selector
IMAGE MAP CREATION PROGRAMS: Web Hotspots 3.0 (Win) | LiveImage (Win) | Mac-ImageMap (Mac) | Mapedit (Win, Unix) | MapServe (Mac)
WHAT YOUR BROWSER TELLS A WEB SITE: List of environment variables | "What we know about you" | User info using CGI and Java scripts...
DYNAMIC HTML (DHTML): Miscrosoft's SiteBuilder | Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator | W3C info | Macromedia DHTML Zone | WebCoder | WebReference DHTML Lab
ACTIVE SERVER PAGES: Halcyon Software (Unix) | Chili!Soft (Unix)
XML: XML pointers from WebReference | XML page at W3C
BROWSER INFO (GENERAL): The "Viewable with Any Browser" project | BrowserWatch, newest developments in Web browsers | Browser Central from c|net, focusing on web browser applications. | Browser Safe Color Palette | LLNL page to test and obtain WWW viewers (Mac, PC, Unix)
WWW CLIENTS AND SERVERS: ServerWatch.com, "The Central Spot for News, Reviews, and Server Downloads" | OmnicronHTTPd server for Windows | The Apache Project (Unix, Windows) | Mozilla.org, Netscape's open-source browser | NCSA Mosaic | Netscape browsers | HotJava Web browser (Sun) | Netcraft's Web server survey | Accent Software's Multilingual Mosaic, a Windows browser for foreign languages including Russian, Greek, Japanese, Arabic, and Hebrew
WEB DEVELOPMENT: DevHead (ZDNET) | Slashdot.org | WebDeveloper.com
CGI PROGRAMMING: The CGI Resource Index | NCSA CGI Overview | Matt's CGI Script Archive | CGI.pm, a Perl5 tool for parsing CGI query forms
PERL: The Perl Institute | Perl Language Home Page (including FAQ, "Idiot's Guide to PERL", and sources of translators/compilers) | ActivePerl from ActiveSTATE | IndigoPerl from IndigoSTAR Software
PHP: php: Hypertext Preprocessor | PHP Resource Index"
JAVA/JAVASCRIPT/ACTIVEX: Gamelan | JavaWorld | Java kit from Sun | Sun's Java Tutorial | JavaScript FAQ | JavaScripts.com | ActiveX.com
SERVER UTILITIES: AccessWatch, a shareware utility that provides a regularly updated summary of WWW server hits and accesses, and gives a graphical representation | Analog, web server log analysis tool for UNIX, PC, NT, Mac, VMS and RISC-based operating systems. | WebChat | Netsurfer Digest (Web news)
WEB CACHING: Internet Caching Resource Center | Squid home page | Squid proxy analysis (SPA) software | IR Cache bakeoff | Info on many cache-related topics... | White paper on Novell's BorderManager | White paper on Microsoft's Cache Array Routing Protocol (CARP)
SEARCHING: Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web | The Search Engine Tutorial for Web Designers
VRML/3D: Virtual Reality Polyhedra and VRML | VRML Repository (San Diego Supercomputing Center) | The Cyberview 3d Document Generator (WWW server add-on)
MISCELLANEOUS: TRIBAL VOICE -- The Way of the Web. (WWW subject/Topic Guide, Geographic Area Guide, Web Reviews, and happenings) | CHIBAMOO, THE SPRAWL: Multimedia Moo. "ChibaMOO"-the Internal development system at SenseMedia, "The Sprawl"-on the outskirts of Chiba and "The World."
Internet Archive waybackmachine
See also Security.

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