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22 May 2011

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whatis?com, one of the coolest eclectic sites on the network, with answers to tons of questions from A-Z...

Art and Culture

MUSEUMS: L.A. County Natural History Museum | Smithsonian Institution ( Smithsonian American Art Museum) | New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art | Oriental Institute (U. of Chicago) Virtual Museum | Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
M.C. Escher page | Sandro Del Prete page | Scott Kim page | Akiyoshi's illusion pages | Knowlton Mosaics page | The Monumental Mural Art of John Pugh | Smadar Livne
Art Crimes — The Writing on the Wall
Amazing Art Images (Octavio Ocampo and more...)


Air Transport Association (ATA) Web
"Avion Online", aviation/aerospace newspaper
Florida Tech. School of Aeronautics
Aviation @ Landings; a ton of aviation information including airmen databases, weather, FAA info (formerly Harvard's General Avaition database.
Stanford Aerodynamics & Design Group
FLY WITH US! High-performance jet fighter in Moscow
FAA Aviation Safety Data

Bookstores, newpaper, and magazine collections (see also Publishers)

Amazon.com Virtual Book Store
WebOvision, links to television, radio, and newspaper sites around the world
"Academia: A Monthly Online Magazine of Academic Titles and Information"
The American Verse Project, electronic archive of American poetry prior to 1920
Atlantic Monthly Poetry Pages
The Catalog of Electronic Journals
Project Gutenberg ftp site
The Great Books home page
Tech Classics Archive: 375 items of classical literature by 30 authors
Internet-on-a-Disk, newsletter of public domain electronic texts
Banned Books Online
Children's Literature WWW Page
Future Fantasy Bookstore
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Berkeley Digital Library's Jack London Collection
The Tech Classics Archive
Journalism & the WWW (includes list of newspapers with WWW editions)
Learned NewsWire
Online Medieval & Classical Library
On-Line Bookstore
Small Computer Book Club
Tables of Contents gopher consists of covers and tables of contents of most recent issues of 166 leading magazines
TIME WARNER GROUP: Time, Vibe, People, Money, Sports Illustrated, Entertainment Weekly, Time Warner Electronic Publishing, and the Virtual Garden.

Business, commerce, and economics

Ad Critic, a very cool place on the Web — "All Ads, All the Time." AdBusters spoof ads.... Business Sites on the Web (RPI)
Accounting Resources on the Internet
Prof. Ray C. Fair's (Yale) FAIRMODEL economic forecasting software
History of Economic Thought (McMaster University of Hamilton, Ontario)
Bulletproof's WallStreet Web
Central Banks of the World
Chicago Mercantile Exchange
Dow Jones Ind. Avg.
Dreyfus Capital Management
Fidelity Investments
Finance Area, pointers to international finance sites
Financial Data Finder (Ohio State University), pointers to Canadian, Australian, United Kingdom, Spanish, and U.S. providers; historical data; free and for-fee current quotations; market news and analysis; business libraries; investing tips; and links to other Internet finance resources
Historical stock performance data (MIT)
H.O.T. Coupons
Internet Credit Reporting Agency
IPO (Initial Public Offerings) Central
Legal Information Institute (business & the law)
NASDAQ Stock Market offers 15 minute delayed stock quotes and includes options for a full quote
National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), includes info on ESOPs
New York Times BanxQuote Banking Center, provides daily U.S. national, regional, and state information on mortgage, home equity, auto, credit card, and student loan rates, and bank deposit yields.
Bankrate.com, Bank savings rate interest rate monitor
The Red Herring, "the bible of venture capital in Silicon Valley"
Securities & Exchange Commission EDGAR
Security APL quote server
Standard & Poor's 500
StreetEYE, a Wall St. Search Engine
Stock quotes, financial news...
Silicon Investor
Trade Law -- international, U.N.
"Economics Working Paper Archive" at Washington University at St. Louis, including "The Future Information Infrastructure in Economics," a discussion of the possible effects of networking on future scholarly publishing. COMPANY INFORMATION: Hoover's Online | Companies Online
FINDING BROKERS AND BROKERAGES: Bargain Finder (Andersen Consulting) | OnSale | Firefly | ETrade
PUBLICATIONS: Business Week | Far Eastern Economic Review | Forbes Magazine including George Gilder's book-in-progress, "Telecosm" | Investor's Business Daily | Money Magazine's Ultimate Mutual Fund Guide | Wall St. Journal Interactive Edition on the Web

Career Information

Career Path, employment ads from major U.S. newspapers
The Monster Board

Children and Kid's Pages

The Internet Kids Yellow Pages
Interesting Places for Kids
Kid's Page
KIDLINK Worldwide Computer Art Exhibit
Kidsource Online
"Theodore Tugboat": Canadian TV series "about a cheerful tugboat who likes to be friends with everyone." Includes links to over 300 other rated children's sites, ranging from activity centers to world travel.
SEARCH TOOLS: Yahooligans, Yahoo Internet index designed specifically for 8 to 14 year olds | Ask Jeeves for Kids

Country information (non-U.S.)

The CIA's World Factbook
U.S. Dept. of State "Foreign Terrorist Organizations" Organization of American States (English/Español)
United Nations Web
The National Geographic Society Web site, provides highlights from "National Geographic," "World," and "Traveler," as well as maps, photos, Q&A, and more
AUSTRALIA: Glass Wings (Xanadu Australia) | Australia Back Packers' Guide
Britannia Internet Magazine
CANADA: Canadiana (BEST Canada starting point...) | National Library of Canada information database
China News: Info about mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Tibet, with information on how to view Chinese characters on the Web, how to listen to Chinese, and where find Chinese language sites on the Web.
European Union Internet Resources (Univ. of Cal-Berkeley)
France: Tour of Paris
India Online
ISRAEL: The Israeli InfoMall | Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, includes maps, pictures, etc. | Virtual Jerusalem
Windows on Italy
JAPAN: Japan: Inst. of Social Science, U. of Tokyo | Japan: Virtual Tourist to Tokyo
Mexico (Spanish)
Complete Guide to Palestine's Websites
Puerto Rico
RUSSIA: Russia: Liberalism & liberal conscience in Russia (Cyrillic) | Window-To-Russia Project | Russian Trade Center (Russian) | 'Your St.Petersburg Guide'
Principality of Sealand
SPAIN: La Conexión Española / The Spanish Connection


Yellow and white page listings
SuperPages, a Verizon-sponsored Business and Residential search page InfoSpace, a Web-based phone directory with over 112 million listings of people, businesses, yellow pages, and fax directories in the U.S. and Canada, and a blue pages government and toll free 800 number directory for the U.S.
AnyWho (AT&T), telephone numbers, people and reverse telephone number lookups
AreaConnect Yellow Pages, White Pages, and City Guides Switchboard, U.S. database of 90M+ personal telephone numbers and addresses, and 10M+ businesses
PEOPLE SEARCHES: Yahoo! People Search | WhoWhere? | Canadian telephone directory | Internet users directory | WorldPages | Orientation.com (Asian directory) | Four11 Directory Services, tool to help find email addresses for friends and colleagues
YELLOW PAGES: BigYellow, NYNEX's U.S. national yellow pages phone directory | WWW Yellow Pages | Yell: The U.K. Yellow Web, combination directory and searchable index for sites in the U.K. | Yellow Web Europe
BUSINESSES: AT&T 800-number directory | European Business Centre, a multilingual directory of European Web sites
ZIP+4 Codes (U.S.P.S.)

Earth sciences, energy, & environment

The Learning Web, K-12 education and exploration about Global Change, Working with Maps, and Earth Science
Center for Renewable Energy & Sustainable Tech.
The Earth Times, an "independent, international, nonpartisan newspaper focusing on environment and sustainable development"
EE-Link, Environmental Education on the Internet
The Electronic Prehistoric Shark Museum
Ruka's e-quake Page
"Wired for Conservation" from the Nature Conservancy
National Library for the Environment
"Science & the Environment," bi-monthly mag. on world environ. issues
Expedition to Antarctica
Institute for the Environment
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) Online
Mt. Pinatubo ('91)
Mount St. Helens Web page
League of Conservation Voters
Kansai Area Earthquake Information
Michigan Tech. Volcanoes Page
Environmental Biology Program of Boyce Thompson Inst. for Plant Research at Cornell University
"Ask-A-Geologist" e-mail
Earthquake information finger server
The University of California Museum of Paleantology
Web Geological Time Machine
Rainforest Action Network

Entertainment, fun, games, & humor

E-CARDS: Dilbert | Blue Mountain
Santa Claus...
The Hamster Dance -- one of the funniest sities I have seen....
Perpetual Bubblewrap...
Punkin Chunkin (yes, really...)
The Easter Egg Archive Guess the Dictator and/or Television Sit-Com Character
The Teddy Borg
Darwin Awards
Butterfly Glossary
DailyWAV... source for entertainment sound bites from TV and movies
CARTOONS: The Dilbert Zone | Doonesbury | European Cartoon Arts Network
Miscellaneous pictures & icons
The Quotations Page
Science Fiction
Stoli Notes (Cards, letters, ...)
Best-quality Audio Web Poems (B.A.W.P.), collection of poetry readings and live spoken word performances
Miscellaneous things including the "MIT Guide to Lockpicking"
Yesterland, Werner Weiss's tour of Disneyland rides that have been discontinued
Learn2.com, everyday educational site!
GAME SITES: Gamecenter.com | Gamespot | IGN.com | MSN Gaming Zone | Uproar.com | THE GAMES DOMAIN | Word Search puzzle generator

Foreign languages (non-English)

Foreign language translation software for Windows
Rivendell International Communications language dictionary and translator page, includes dictionaries that translate from and/or to English, from any of 29 languages (Alternate link)
China News: Includes info on how to view Chinese characters on the Web, how to listen to Chinese, and where find Chinese language sites on the Web.
Mueller's English-Russian Dictionary
Learning Aids for North American Indian Languages, from Abenaki to Yukon

Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

Naval Air Warfare Center GPS/INS Center
University of Colorado: Geodetic Datumm Overview | GPS Overview (Univ. of Colorado)
Schriever Air Force Base: GPS Support Center | GPS Constellation Status
Navstar GPS (Patrick AFB)
U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center
Navstar GPS (Federation of American Scientists) plus lots of links
Navstar GPS satellites from the "Directory of U.S. Military Rockets and Missles"
Navstar GPS (Andrews Space & Technology)
Trimble.com's GPS tutorial
Spaceborne GPS Information Site (Univ. of New Brunswick)

History (U.S. and world)

Fox Movietone News archive
History Buff's Home Page, devoted to the history of newspapers in the U.S. and U.S. history in general
Excellent spot for historical & current documents, treaties, laws, etc.
American Civil War Home Page
U.S. Civil War Center
Civil War Letters: previously unpublished letters from a 19 y.o. soldier
18th Century America
The Gallery of the Open Frontier (History of the American West)
Internet Medieval Source Book
1740s Shenandoah Valley
The Sixties Project
"50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time"
EuroDocs: Primary Historical Documents from W. Europe (Brigham Young U.)
Gateway to World History (& New Eng. Regional World History Assoc. page)
Moise's Bibliography of the Vietnam War
US Historical Maps: Hargrett Library, University of Georgia | Exploring the West from Monticello

Hobbies and diversions

Car Talk (Click and Clack) from National Public Radio (NPR) show and syndicated column by Tom and Ray Magliozzi
eAuto, comprehensive pointer site to Web auto sites
Kelley Blue Book Used Car Guide
Breeders Cup
Castles on the Web
Dance Links Web, dance videographer Amy Reusch's pointers to Dance departments in the U.S., Australia, Canada, Finland, Ireland, and the U.K., as well as resources related to dance companies, performance listings, publications, organizations, funding, dance schools, dancers, and other dance indexes
YumYum database of over 10,000 recipes in categories from appetizers to vegetarian
Mimi's Cyber Kitchen, with links to thousands of food-related Internet sites
Housenet, comprehensive site aimed at home improvement
Lego's! (U.S.)
Napa Valley Virtual Visit
The Virtual Vineyard
The Wine Page
The Wine Spectator
Photographic Society of America
The Rose Resource, provided by All America Rose Selections
SurfNet (*real* surfing)
Almost-Complete List of MUSHes
Over The Coffee
Harvard Espresso Co. (gourmet coffee)
Vegetarian recipes
Mountain biking
1995 Kaibab Mountain Bike Tour Guide
Harley-Davidson enthusiasts web server
Guide to Covered Bridges
Tweeters (Birding site serving Washington, B.C., & northwestern states)
The Zuzu's Petals Literary Resource, 1,500+ links to resources for writers, artists, performers, and researchers
American Coin Numismatic Web

K-12 Education

Education Week Web Edition, including Teacher Magazine
"Engines for Education"
"Y'Know", a new publication produced by K-12 students as a resource to other K-12 students
The WebEd K12 Curriculum Links Page
Web66 --Web use in the K-12 classroom
Extensive listing of K-12 & teacher resources
ARTSEDGE, national arts & education information network
Incredible Art Department, lesson plans and links to the best school art on the Net
AskERIC (gopher)
"Connecting K-12 Schools to the NII: A Preliminary Assessment of Technology models and their Associated Costs"
Digital Education Network for 7-12th grade; four topic areas: NewsDEN (current events), MathDEN, InternetDEN, and GraphicsDEN
Discovery Communications (The Discovery Channel & The Learning Channel)
"Future Professors of Math, Science, and Math/Science Education"
"Getting U.S. Teachers Online" project (ftp)
GLOBAL SCHOOLNET FOUNDATION (Global Schoolhouse and other projects, Visit from New Zealand, Take Your Daughters to Work)
GOALS 2000: Educate America Act (WWW)
Interactive Frog Dissection
Joint Language Training Center Home Page
Learning Resource Server at Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Mad Scientist Network's "ask a scientist" forum
MathMol Hypermedia Textbook--Mathematics and Molecules for K-12 Students
NASA Ames Research Center K-12 Web Server
National Science Foundation "Connections to the Internet" grant program
National Service Learning Clearinghouse (AmeriCorps prog., Learn & Serve America)
Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL), offers 100+ handouts on English writing skills
Public Broadcasting (PBS) searchable database includes resources for K-12 education
MathMagic (K-12)
Exercises in Math Readiness For University Study, a collection of exercises "on those high school mathematics topics that seem to be most important for university study in mathematics, the other sciences, engineering, and commerce."
Possibilities! Integrating the Internet into the Secondary Science Classroom
The Teachers & Writers Collaborative (T&W)
UCB: Middle School Science Instruction
Virtual Frog-Dissection Page

Law and legal issues

lawyers.com, to find an attorney
International Computer Law Observer (ICLO)
John Marshall Law School site (spamming cases)
FINDLAW: Supreme Court Opinions 1937-Present
Meta-Index for US Legal Research (Georgia State Univ.)
Advertising Law (marketing, FTC, 900 number regulation)
American Bar Association
Biotech Law home page
Copyright and Fair Use Law (Stanford U.)
Criminal Justice Home Page: legal pointers, TV shows, trials, pictures, ...
Internet Patent News Service's: includes all US patents since 1970
"Emerging Law on the Electronic Frontier" (USC | Hebrew U., Jerusalem)
Law Journal Extra, w/ "Intellectual Prop. Rights in the Electronic Age"
International Court of Justice (World Court) Decisions
LEGI-SLATE Gopher: All Congressional bills since 1993
Federal and state constitutions, statutes, and codes
NetWatcher's Cyberzine: Legal developments in cyberspace & online world
U.S. Federal Court system Web site
U.S. House of Representatives Internet Law Library


American Library Association (ALA)
School Librarian Links, "an all-in-one reference site for school librarians new to seeking professional resources on the Internet"
1996 National Survey of Public Libraries and the Internet: Progress and Issues: Final Report
Internet Public Library
"Reader's Guide Periodical Lit." (telnet)
Data Research Assoc. "Library of Congress" (telnet)
Library of Congress (LOC) card catalog
webCATS, library catalogs which can be searched via the Web

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Archives for *.answers usenet newsgroups
MIT Research Program Communications Policy
Digital Info. Infrastructure Guide

Mathematics & Engineering

GIMPS: The Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search
The Prime Pages, all about prime numbers
Numeric patterns Body: "look up x1 x2 x3 x4 ..."
BENFORD'S LAW: Benford's Law (mathworld) | Benford's Law and Zipf's Law | Benford's Law Part 1 - How to Spot Tax Fraud | "I've Got Your Number" (M.J. Nigrini, J. of Accountancy, 5/99)
Contours of the Mind (fractals/chaos)
MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive, archive of 1100+ biographies of mathematicians
ICE: Internet Connections for Engineering
MathMagic (K-12)
MathWorks (Pentium problem...)
MegaMathematics, project of the Computer Research and Applications Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory to make complex mathematical ideas accessible to children in elementary school classrooms
EEVL (Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library), covers chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, petroleum, materials, and environmental engineering, engineering design, and general engineering.

Medicine and health-related issues

AmericasDoctor.com, excellent tool for diagnosing problems and chatting with a doctor AMA Physician Select, a searchable database with information on all 650K+ licensed physicians in the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control
National Institutes of Health (NIH) "HyperDOC" from the National Library of Medicine. A wealth of info including Perez medical art, AIDS info, The Visible Human Project, research, etc.
New England Journal of Medicine
The Merck Manual
RxList, the Internet drug index
Medscape, with free Medline access, includes articles from medical journals, "Patient Info," and "Exam Room."
Achoo, The Internet Health Care Directory
AIDS/HIV: AIDS/HIV page at the AMA | AIDS patent library
CANCER: American Lung Association | Breast Cancer Answers (University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center) | The Carcinogenic Potency Database (CPDB) (Berkeley) | Brown and Williamson Tobacco Archive, Digital Library of the University of California--San Francisco; includes Purloined Tobacco Papers | U. Penn. Oncology Information (OncoLink) | American Brain Tumor Association Literature
"The Child Abuse Handbook"
DEAF WORLD WEB: Deaf Culture, Deaf Youths, and References
"Dentistry for the 21st Century" (DEN-TEL-NET)
The Diabetes Knowledgebase, U. Wisc.
Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) of the National Agricultural Library (USDA)
Franklin Institute Science Museum heart exploration
Global Health Network, University of Pittsburgh
Anaotomy of the Heart
Histology on the Net, a collection of hundreds of microscopic anatomical images
"History of Science, Technology and Medicine"
The Nutrition Expert (weight loss, cholesterol, sports nutrition, diabetes, and more!)
PEDIATRICS: Pediatric Interest: BabyWeb, Amer Acad of Ped, Fun Stuff for Kids | American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatrics | Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Network Web site
NEURO/BRAIN: Anatomy of the Brain | Neuropsychology Central and "The Working Brain" | Neuroscience Web Search
NSF MetaCenter Science Highlights Repository (e.g., human heart blood flow model; simulating cancer genes & enzyme/inhibitor complexes): SDSC | UIUC
Trauma Information Pages
"Center For Tuberculosis Research" (Stanford)
U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Svcs.
U. Wash. Radiology Webserver
"The Virtual Hospital" (U. Iowa)
Wellness Interactive Network, includes The Health Information Highway, Medical E-Mail User Groups, Medical Databases, and pointers to health, fitness, and medical information resources on the Internet.
Dr. Koop's Community


Janes reports on military technology, weapons
Strategic Studies Institute, U.S. Army War College
U.S. Navy OnLine

Movies, films, and the theater

Internet Movie Database
Waverly Films music videos, commercials, and more
"The Hollywood Reporter"
Public Broadcasting (PBS) searchable database
The Movie Sounds Page (quotes, etc.)!!
EASTER EGGS: The Easter Egg Archive | DVD Easter Eggs & Hidden Secrets | DVD Town | Movie Mistakes | DVD Talk


mp3.com, new audio format (MP3) and song download site
Addicted to Noise
Audio Engineering Society
The Beatles Anthology Web page
Grendel's Lyric Archive
Bands list: Groups, lyrics, pix, ... (ftp)
Worldwide Internet Music Resources (Indiana University School of Music)
Hollow Ear, "The gap between aural cavities"
Internet Music Store
Internet Underground Music Archive
History of Jazz
MTV Online
Musical groups, individuals (gopher)
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
Rolling Stone The Rock Guide
RootsWorld, non-mainstream jazz, roots, rock, folk, etc.
Mary Chapin Carpenter
10,000 Maniacs
The Annotated Al (Stewart) Song List Ticketmaster Online
Tower Records catalog
The Ultimate Band List
Woodstock Immortalizer (1994)
World Wide Radio (WWR)
Youth Music/Youth Culture


"Documents in the News" (Univ. of Michigan Government Documents Center)
NEWSPAPERS: Los Angeles Times | New York Times | Washington Post | USA Today
NEWS MAGAZINES: Mother Jones | Newsweek | Salon | U.S. News & World Report | Wired Magazine


Biography.com, A&E TV's Biography web site of 15,000 biographies (Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia)
Isaac Asimov
Alfred Hitchcock

Physical sciences (miscellaneous)

CERN (Switzerland), including Neural Networks in High Energy Physics
FERMILAB: Top Quark, The Nature of Nature, and Fermilab at Work
The Internet Pilot to Physics (TIPTOP)

Political issues

TACB All Politics, a CNN/Time Magazine collaboration, covers all aspects of the 1996 (and earlier!) campaigns
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), includes the full text of the unanimous decision of a three judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit in Philadelphia, Pa., which ruled much of the Communications Deceny Act unconstitutional, and a 40-minute news conference (in RealAudio format), case materials, and selected trial testimony and transcripts
African American History Archive, Mississippi State University
Amnesty International
The Carter Center
Citizens '96 Page (PBS), from the election year TV series
Cybergrrl - Women's issues
Feminist Majority Online's "Women's Web World"
The Marketplace of Political Ideas (University of Houston Libraries)
Men's Issues Page
Online Political Information Network (OPIN), Harvard JFK Sch. of Gov't.
Political Science Resources home page, includes Elections and Electoral Systems by Country
Political Scientist's Guide to the Internet
RealCom National Politics and Personalities page, links to almost every political party imaginable
Senior*Com, "town square" of information for and about seniors (travel sites; senior housing communities; health and wellness pointers; online shopping; government and non-profit pointers)
Universal Black Pages, Black Graduate Students Association at Georgia Tech University
Women's Resources Project

Population studies

CERN's Virtual Library on Demography & Population Studies
Population Index (Princeton U.)
U.S. census data
Census Data for the U.S., 1790-1860
Univ. of Virginia Social Sciences Data Center
Bureau of Labor & Statistics (BLS) Selective Access Data
U.S. Census Bureau's Tiger Mapping Service (TMS), allows access of census data by city and state/zipcode
4.5M images from SPOT (Satellite Pour l'Observation de la Terre)

Reference Material

National Geographic Magazine


The Bible Browser, searches passages, words, or word parts of Latin and English bibles
Buddhist Studies Library
Internet for Christians
Global Jewish Information Network System.
Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
Jerusalem One Network, covers all aspects of Jewish life
The Vatican


Everybody should know how to solder....
NSF "Science and Engineering Indicators 1996" American Chemical Society's ChemCenter
NIST's Chemistry Web Book and Physical Reference database
BioTech project (Indiana University), including "Cyberbotanica: Plant Compounds and Chemotherapy"
Chemicool Periodic Table (MIT)
Primer on Molecular Genetics by Denise Casey of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
The Deoxyribonucleic Hyperdimension (evolution...)
DNA TO DINOSAURS! Field Mus. of Nat. Hist. & Biomed. Visualization Dept.
The Exploratorium
Invention Dimension (M.I.T), devoted to American inventors and information related to past and current inventors
Jesuits & the Sciences, 1600-1800
Nature Magazine, including information on cloned sheep
"New Scientist Magazine," British weekly "news magazine devoted to science and technology and their impact on the world and the way we live"
Poly-Links (plastics & polymer internet sites)
"ScienceDaily," discoveries & research projects in all fields of science
"Scientific American"
Toxic Substances Research & Teaching Program WWW (UC Davis)
UniScience News Net, research news in American universities, written for a lay audience.
The Why Files, illuminates the science, math and technology behind the headline news (U. of Wisconsin-Madison)
HISTORY: History of Science, Technology and Medicine | Max Planck Institute for the History of Science Web, includes Galileo papers


GCK's "Understanding and Applying Decompression Dive Tables" tutorial
MAGAZINES: Dive Training Magazine | DiveNews | SCUBA Diving Magazine | X-Ray Mag (Online)
North Carolina Wreck Diving
DIVE SHOPS ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN: Victory Sports, one of the oldest SCUBA shops in New England | Waterfront Diving Center
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
SCUBA Diving Health Problems
ORGANIZATIONS: Divers Alert Network (DAN) | Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) | National Association of Underwater Instructors (NAUI)
Oceans for Youth Foundation
AUDIO/VIDEO: Pictures from GCK and Gayle, Hawaii, 12/2008-1/2009 | Manta ray night dive video (Keller Laros) | Sea World: Dolphins blowing bubbles
Links for Lake Champlain Mariners (U.S. Power Squadron) | NOAA's Experimental BookletChart™ (Free, printable nautical charts) | NOAA Nautical Chart On-Line Viewer: Great Lakes (including L. Champlain) | Bluewater Books & Charts, set of international marine charts
LIONFISH & THE CARIBBEAN: Lionfish Research Program (REEF) || Lionfish information page (USGS) || Invasive Lionfish (NOAA) || Florida Keys Lionfish Invasion (Mote Marine Laboratory) || Invasive Lionfish (NCCOS)

Sherlock Holmes

SHERLOCK HOLMES: Sherlockian.Net | Sherlocktron's Holmepage | The Universal Sherlock Holmes | Sherlock Holmes International | The Sherlock Holmes Society of London (The Sherlock Holmes Journal) | 221bakerstreet.org
The 12 Most Famous Fictional Detectives (1972 Nicaragua stamp set commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Interpol, 1923-1973)

Social sciences and social issues

k.i.s.s. of the panopticon cultural theory and new media
Red Rock Eater News Service, information on the social and political aspects of networking and computing
PlanetOut, new home for the Queer Resources Directory (QRD) for gay/lesbian issues
C.G. Jung, Analytical Psychology, & Culture
NativeWeb, information and documents about indigenous peoples
The Philosophy Web
Project McLuhan... on the 'Net
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive (alt.folklore.urban) | Mining Co. Guide to Urban Legends and Folklore

Space exploration, science, and technology...

SpaceWander SETI at Home
Astrophysical Journal
Views of the Solar System (LANL)
"Welcome to the Planets" (NASA)
The Nine Planets (Univ. of Arizona)
Guide to Stars and Galaxies
Video On-Line's Astronomy pointers and Solar Eclipse information
Harvard Astrophysics Data Archive
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Sites: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) | "Life on Mars?" sites (Site #1/Site #2/Site #3) | Mars Global Surveyor Project | National Space Science Data Center | Public Affairs | Photos of the Sun | Space Telescope Science Institute (Hubble Space Telescope | StarChild -- General Astronomy Learning Center for Young Astronomers)
Comet Hale-Bopp: Site 1 | Site 2
Shoemaker-Levy 9 comet: NASA JPL | Univ. of Arizona
McDonnell Douglas' SPACELAB homepage
MetaCenter Computational Science Centers at Cornell, U. Ill. at Urbana-Champaign, and San Diego State College


GENERAL SPORTS INFORMATION: CNNSI (CNN/Sports Illustrated) | ESPN's SportsZone | The Sporting News | Sports Info Service (Hockey, Basketball, Football, International Sports) | "What are the best online sports resources?" from QandA | College Sports Online
AUTOMOBILES: Auto Channel Home Page | SpeedNet WWW site (auto racing)
BASEBALL: Raleigh News & Observer (NandO) Baseball Server | Jekin's Baseball Server | @bat (Major League Baseball) | Total Baseball Online | High Boskage House Baseball Pages (real-time information) | Instant Ballpark | Ballparks by Munsey and Suppes | MLB schedules | USA Today's Baseball Weekly
BASKETBALL: National Basketball Association (NBA) | Basketball sports schedules (NBA)
BOATING: Bayliner Boats
CHESS: Chess: Karpov Defeats "The World"
FOOTBALL: National Football League (NFL) | Football (NFL) | Canadian Football League
GOLF: GolfWeb | Rules of Golf Online | golfcourse.com, comprehensive guide to over 16,000 golf courses throughout the world
HOCKEY: National Hockey League
SHOOTING: American Gun Smith | Concealed carry database, news, and more | Pioneer Sportsmen, Inc.
OUTDOORS: Outside Online, outdoors oriented site covering fitness, biking, hiking, water sports, snow sports, travel, and mountaineering, among others

State information (U.S.)

Info on major U.S. cities
State and Local Government on the Net
State Parks Online
Hawaii tourist information
Hawaii: Maui High Perf. Comp. Ctr. and photo tour of Hawaii
Louisiana: "New Orleans - A Virtual Library"
Pennsylvania: Amish Country (Penn. Dutch) of Lancaster Co.
"Vermont: The Green Mountain State"
S.S. Cherokee Belle Virtual Riverboat on the Ohio and Mississippi

Television and radio

TV Guide
WebOvision, links to television, radio, and newspaper sites around the world
Internet News Radio (INR), audio news program using RealAudio software
NetRadio, Classical, Jazz, Rock, Hits, Country and more 24 hours a day
Best TV commercials from the 1940s on...
The Gist TV listing of TV shows for the day on over 35 cable and network channels
The NDOPA WebText, from TV talk show "No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed"
TV Links Film & TV Website Archive
Ultimate TV list
TV & RADIO NEWS: ABC News | CBS Network WWW Page | CNN Interactive | CNN/SI | C-SPAN (Congressional TV) | National Public Radio (NPR) | NBC News/Microsoft WWW Page | Public Broadcasting System (PBS)

Travel information and maps

SOME LINKS FOR THE PROFESSIONAL INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER: The World Clock - Time Zones | World Electric Power Guide | International Travel (U.S. State Dept.) | CIA - The World Factbook | Currency Converter - Yahoo! Finance | Country Codes, Phone Codes, Dialing Codes, Telephone Codes, ISO Country Codes
FAHC Travel Clinic
MAPS AND SATELLITE PICTURES: Google maps | Google Earth | TerraFly | TerraServer | TerraServer-USA
Microsoft Virtual Earth
FLIGHT TRACKING: FlightAware | FlyteComm
REFERENCE: National Geographic Magazine | Fodor's Guide | Travel Channel Travel Guides
Internet Resources for Cartographic Information, Maps, and Spatial Data
MAP SERVERS: Google maps | Mapquest | Yahoo! Maps
TRAVEL SERVICES: American Express | CheapTickets | Expedia.com | Orbitz | priceline.com | Travelocity
Earth Resources Observation Systems (EROS); world's largest collection of space and aircraft acquired imagery of the Earth
EarthWise Journeys, Earth friendly travels
Mountain Travel * Sobek (adventure travel)
The Corner Corner

U.S. Government

U.S. Constitution
Federal Information Exchange list of U.S. government WWW servers
FedWorld Information Network -- Access to 120 government agencies
Federal Web Locator service
Government Information Locator Service (GILS), identifies and describes information resources throughout the U.S. Federal government
Government Publications Library of U.S. and international countries
US Code of Federal Regulations
Government Printing Office (GPO) Pathway Services, makes finding US government information easier for librarians and other users
Monthly Catalog of United States Government Publications (January 1994 to the present)
Federally-Funded Research Progs.
Agriculture (USDA)
Census Bureau
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Commerce | Economic Conversion Info. Exchange | National Telecommunications Information Admin. (NTIA)
Department of Education
Energy | Energy: News about LBL, LLNL, LANL
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Federal Court system Web site
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Federal Networking Council (FNC)/NSF
Fish & Wildlife Svc Nat. Wetlands Inventory
General Accounting Office (GAO)
Health & Human Services
House of Representatives
Housing and Urban Development
U.S. Information Agency
Interior | National Park Service
Internal Revenue Service
Library of Congress (LOC) (Legislative information server)
National Aeronautics & Space Admin. (NASA)
National Archives and Records Administration: Online Exhibit Hall (WWII poster art, information about the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Emancipation Proclamation), National Audiovisual Information Locator (searchable database of 2,000+ still pictures, 73,000+ film and video titles, and 6,000+ sound recording titles), and the Government Information Locator Service (a searchable database of National Archives information resources)
National Institutes of Health, National Center for Research Resources
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Agency (NOAA): Marine Geology & Geophysics, National Geophysical Data Center
National Security Agency (NSA)
National Trade Data
NSF: Guide to Programs/Grants Proposal Guide
Occupational Safety & Health Admin. (OSHA)
Patent & Trademark Office
Peace Corps Web Site
Selective Service System Home Page
U.S. Senate
Small Business Administration gopher
Veteran Affairs
"Welcome to the White House: An Interactive Citizens' Handbook". Includes government information, executive branch offices and agencies, and Government Information Locator Service (GILS)


State of Vermont information (Vermont Public Service Department | Vermont Public Service Board)
Vermont State Legislature
"Vermont: The Green Mountain State" (UVM)
Vermont telecommunications services (from Dept. of Economic Development)
VermontWeb Directory
Ben & Jerry's Homemade
Burlington, VT home page
Lake Champlain Maritime Museum
"Vermont Life" Magazine
VermontGuides' Travel Guide
Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT)
COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: Champlain College (Computer Networking major) | St. Michael's College | University of Vermont (UVM)
COLCHESTER: The Greig's Colchester & Vermont page | Colchester Reef (Lake Champlain) weather station with links to the Rouses Point and Port Henry Cost Guard Stations | Colchester Pointers | Colchester Rescue Squad (and other links to EMS in Vermont...) | Josh Kessler's Colchester Lakers All-Time Baseball Web Site

Weather information

The Weather Channel
Hurricane info
International Weather Watchers (IWW)
Weather info (Harvard)
NOAA Network Information Center
"WeatherNet" by The Weather Underground at University of Michigan
Intellicast custom news and weather
Colchester Reef (Lake Champlain) weather station with links to the Rouses Point and Port Henry Cost Guard Stations

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